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VisitScotland work continuously to identify quality buyers from our key international and UK markets to attend VisitScotland Expo. Qualified buyers from all sectors of this global industry are hosted and, in addition to attending Expo, have the opportunity to participate on one of the many group familiarisation trips or have a specific individual itinerary created for them. This is a vital component of Expo as it enables promotion of the entire country no matter where the event is held. It also ensures buyers experience the Scottish product first hand and develop their own relationships with Scottish suppliers.

Research results from Expo 2019 state that 89% of respondents plan to feature at least one of the places they visited in future programmes.

Who are the buyers?
Buyers that attend Expo are a mix of new prospects to the Scottish market and mature buyers who are knowledgeable of the Scottish product available. Buyers from emerging markets generally have a higher number of first time buyers than your more developed markets like USA and Germany. From the UK market we ensure that there is a good mix between new and mature buyers.

A buyer could be a Wholesaler, Tour Operator ora Travel Agent,they will often attend Expo for the day with some markets e.g. USA attending both days.

Research results from Expo 2019 state that 99% of respondents were satisfied with the quality of exhibitors at Expo.

Why do buyers attend Expo?
Buyers attend Expo to find suppliers in order to expand or amend their current programmes or create additional tours.

Incoming handling agents (DMCs) also attend the event as buyers and as exhibitors. Based in Britain, they promote their expertise in putting together travel arrangements for the overseas consumer, in most cases in conjunction with a Tour Operator. They can be as important to you as the Tour Operators themselves. Take time to visit them on their stands. They will usually be members of UKinbound and/or Scottish Destination Management Association.

Research results from Expo 2019 state that the main reasons for Buyers to attend Expo were:
  • To make new contacts (85%)
  • To pick up new ideas / update information (77%)
  • To meet established contacts (62%)
The majority of Buyers surveyed in 2019 achieved their objectives for attending VisitScotland Expo.

You can view a list of buyers attending when you have logged into the Exhibitor Zone. Please note that this list is updated constantly as we approve more buyers so do keep checking. Our appointment system is buyer-led but you can use this list to contact buyers you wish to meet requesting they make an appointment with you. Please do not send bulk emails to the entire database.
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